Data for "Dynamic switching of transcriptional regulators between two distinct low-mobility chromatin states"

  • Kaustubh Wagh (Ophavsmand)
  • Diana A. Stavreva (Ophavsmand)
  • Rikke Anne Møldrup Jensen (Ophavsmand)
  • Ville Paakinaho (Ophavsmand)
  • Gregory Fettweis (Ophavsmand)
  • R Louis Schiltz (Ophavsmand)
  • Daniel Wüstner (Ophavsmand)
  • Susanne Mandrup (Ophavsmand)
  • Diego M Presman (Ophavsmand)
  • Arpita Upadhyaya (Ophavsmand)
  • Gordon L Hager (Ophavsmand)



This deposit contains all the single-molecule trajectories reported in "Single-molecule tracking reveals two low-mobility states for chromatin and transcriptional regulators within the nucleus". To access the tracks, open the mat file in MATLAB. This contains a MATLAB table with the following fields: summary_table.cell_protein{i} identifies the ith dataset i.e. cell line + protein + treatment. summary_table.X{i}{j} is an Nx2 array of x and y coordinates (in microns) for track j in condition i. N is the number of localizations in that track. Time interval between localizations is 200 ms. Details on data acquisition and tracking parameters can be found in the associated manuscript.
Dato for tilgængelighed22. jan. 2023