The impact of technology on organizations, communication and leadership



    Technology has an enormous impact on every aspect of organizational and daily life and its influence will become much greater in the next decades due to rapid advances in information technology. It is therefore key that managers and communicators develop skills to understand and communicate it effectively.

    In this course, students will get a general understanding of how technology impacts organizations and society and will learn about the role of technology from the perspectives of both communication and organizational management. The course will provide an introduction to how technology plays a key role in organizational processes through various areas and trends such as gamification, ethics, media habits, monitoring, cyber security and daily work life.

    Teaching includes an academic and research-based introduction to how technology impact and changes society, organizations and the individual. The content will explore the theoretical and practical aspects of managing and communicating technology with particular emphasis on:

    • Technology and Sustainability – technology plays a major role in sustainable development and the political and commercialagendas surrounding it

    • Technology and Culture – attitudes towards technology varies between cultures and countries, e.g. in relation to values, privacy, progressiveness etc.
    • Technology and Ethics – emerging technologies are presenting new ethical challenges and dilemmas for society and corporate responsibility, e.g. civil rights, genetic engineering etc.
    • Technology and Media habits – how technology is transforming media habits, e.g. in relation to the Internet of Things, online influencers, fake news, and Generation Z
    • Technology and Management – technology is transforming management through new fields and trends such as cybersecurity, gamification, AI, crowdsourcing, big data etc.