Supervision MSc PH Dock Workers´ Health and Safety survey



Brief description of the proposed project Dock Workers´ Health and Safety baseline survey
1. Survey to determine the workplace mental health: Copsoq kort DK English copsoq, and the safety climate, NOSACQ-50 Danish English
(NFA standard schemes)
2. The schemes will include demographic indicators on person, age, gender, nationality etc and types of harbour, cargo/ship types, areas in the harbour, job-position, working hours, contracts etc (to be elaborated later)
3. Interview with some dock workers on the risk indicators and how to improve the working conditions
4. A short literature review about the dock workers
The findings will be used to assist the workers for better work environment
Research question How are the prevalent:
1. Workplace mental health risk factors
2. Workplace Safety climate
Project objectives To study the prevalence of the workplace safety climate and workplace mental health indicators.
Project metodology Standardised questionnaires (with extra questions) and personal interviews
Research population? Dock workers in Esbjerg and other harbours in Denmark