ST817 Mathematical statistics 2



The aim of the course is to enable the student a further and advanced understanding of the theory and methods in mathematical statistics, which is important in regard to master the use of these for practical data analysis.

The course builds on the knowledge acquired in the course ST521
Mathematical statistics, and demonstrate advanced topics in mathematical statistics as such complements courses like e.g. computational statistics, multivariate analysis, linear models and probability theory, as well as for a possible master project in statistics

In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to:
Give the competence to master the theories and methods of mathematical statistics, as well as their application to statistical inference
Give skills to perform statistical analysis of data and critically argue for the choice between relevant models for analysis and solution
Give theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the application of methods and models in mathematical statistics
ECTS-point5,0 ECTS