Resumé of teaching and supervision since 1981



    I have taught and supervised at university level since 1981 - way before the glorious days of digitalization. Should anyone be interested in an overview of my activities in these fields dating back to last century, here is a brief summary: CURRICULUM VITAE: TEACHING AND SUPERVISION (as of April 2019) Teaching History Department, Aarhus Universitet (1981-1984; 1988-1992, courses taught in Danish): Graduate and Undergraduate courses in European Fascisms, Italian Fascism, Europe: Politics in the Era of the Masses, Western Europe since 1945, Social Science and Economics for Historians Departments of History and Political Science, Millikin University (1991): Graduate and Undergraduate courses in The History of Western Civilization since 1750, Western Europe since 1945, The History of European Integration, War and Social Change in the 20th Century. Departments of English and Cand.negot. Studies, Syddansk Universitet(since 1992; courses taught in English): Graduate and Undergraduate courses in British Studies, Core Concepts in the Humanities, Introduction to the History of the English Speaking World, Modern and Contemporary British History, Britain and European Integration, The Decline of Britain?, Britain in the World since 1900, British Culture and Society and the Great War, New Labour. Department of History, Syddansk Universitet (since 1992, courses taught in Danish): Graduate and Undergraduate courses in History: Methods & Theoretical Approaches (various courses), European History in the 20th Century, The History of Britain (and Ireland) in the 20th Century, Identity Politics in 20th Century Europe, The Social and Cultural History of the Cold War, Denmark and the United States, 1917-2000, Political History – Approaches and Theories, Transnational History; Fascisms; The First World War in European History; Global History since 1900. Scandinavian Area Studies, Syddansk Universitet (since 2012, courses taught in English): The history of modern Scandinavia, The history of the Scandinavian Welfare States. Centre for Journalism, Syddansk Universitet (1999-2010, courses taught in Danish): Undergraduate courses on Modern Danish and European History. Department of History, University of New Hampshire (2007): Graduate course on American Culture in Europe since 1945. - I have also taught as a visiting teacher under the Erasmus programme at the English Department of the Université de Nice (2001), France, and in The School for Archeology, Archives and History, University College, Dublin, Ireland (2006). Supervision of Undergraduate Students Since 2001 supervision of Bachelor Projects in Cand.Negot Studies, English Studies and History, Syddansk Universitet (no exact number available but well beyond 50). Supervision of Graduate Students Since 1992 supervision of MA theses in American Studies, Cand.Negot Studies, English Studies and History, Syddansk Universitet (no exact number available but well beyond 60). Supervision of doctoral students 2005-08: Jeppe Nevers (Thesis defended; Project: A conceptual analysis of the history of the concept “Democracy” in Denmark, c. 1700-1950) 2008-11: Bjarne S. Bendtsen (Thesis defended; project: The First World War and Danish Culture) 2008-11: Morten B. Andersen (Thesis defended; project: The Americanization of Advertising and Marketing in Denmark, c. 1920-1970) 2008-11: Rasmus Rosenørn (Thesis defended; project: Danish Youth and America, c. 1945-1960) (co-supervisor) 2013-16: Kristina Krake (Thesis defended; project: Defending democracy in Scandinavia, 1918-1940) - I have been a member of doctoral committees at the universities of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Lund, Oslo, and Syddansk Universitet.