PhD Course: Narrative inquiry in the organization: concepts, methods, publishing



Klarissa Lueg (SDU), Marianne Lundholt (SDU), David Boje (NMSU & AAU).
This PhD course introduces concepts pertaining to the narrative paradigm in organizational research. Together, the different modules of this course form a general introduction to how narrative angles can be applied in research in and around organizations (public and private). PhD students will gain insights into what narratological concepts can be useful in approaching different subjects of study. They will also learn what methods and instruments may possibly be applied and how to operationalize them.The course acknowledges the importance of making conceptual insights publishable. We therefore set aside time, throughout this course, to discuss possible publishing outlets, publishing strategies and submission routines. The last day will end in a ‘Meet the Editor’ session with guest speaker David Boje.Bio - David M. Boje: is what Foucault calls a 'specific intellectual' and he is an international scholar confronting the 'regimes of truth' with his own storytelling paradigm. He created the field of “antenarrative” research. David was Editor of the Journal of Organizational Change Management for 14 years, and founder and editor of Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry for 10 years. He was Co-Founder and Board Chair for the entire 25-year life span of the Standing Conference for Management and Organization Inquiry. He was past chair of the Academy of Management Research Methods division, winner of the New Mexico State University Distinguished Career Award, and currently holds NMSU’s highest rank as Regents Professor, and is Emeritus there. He also was awarded an honorary doctorate from Aalborg University in Denmark, where he is considered the “godfather” of their Material Storytelling Lab. In 2018, Boje gave over a dozen invited presentations on storytelling and the global climate crisis, in cities spanning 3 continents and 8 countries. He became Professor Emeritus at New Mexico State University January 2019.
ECTS-point2,5 ECTS