Occupational health research training for maritime students in Thailand



It is necessary for students to learn about research methods and evidence-based health. Both in relation to the writing of the thesis, and to be able to search for and use the scientific literature. The course is a supplement to the maritime study curriculum.
The objectives are to acquire the competences: 1. Competence in doing scientific research 2. Theoretical competence for evidence-based health. Learn to seek and use knowledge of health and prevention for the benefit of the seafarers and the shipping companies.


In total 100 hours spread over 3 weeks.

Graduate Profile

Participants will have acquired the necessary skills to:

1) Carry out own investigations
2) Know how to search the scientific literature for evidence-based health
3) Describe the research results in a clear, concise and systematic way
4) Prepare a manuscript for an article, international style.
5) Do your thesis in scientific format, international style
ECTS-point4,0 ECTS