NAT501 (10 ECTS) - Naturvidenskabeligt Projekt



Naturvidenskabeligt Projekt course is located in the 4th quarter of the first study year at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The course gives students the opportunity to work with a project under the overall theme "Discover Science". The students can choose the topics for the projects from the list provided by scientists from Faculty of Natural Sciences. The project runs for 7 weeks where students for the first 2 weeks are working on the framework for the project and are learning a few practical tools e.g. how to prepare posters, how to read scientific literature etc. The following 5 weeks students work in a group project. Most projects have an experimental element where students have the opportunity to work in the laboratory. Midway in the period students present their project to fellow students. The project is concluded with a report and a poster (= a poster describing the project and its results). All posters are presented at a final meeting and finally students go to the oral examination in the project.
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ECTS-point10 ECTS