MSc Course Power Electronic Systems



The course aims to provide an overview and understanding of a range of important power electronic applications covering various power system and renewable energy topics. The lectures are planned in 12 weeks. Almost 40% of the class time is dedicated to simulation exercises (using MATLAB/Simulink and PLECs) and lectures from industry. About 10% of the time is planned for students’ presentations on a topic in the field, proposed by them and approved by the class teacher.
Assessment is based on a final oral exam with an external co‐examiner according to the 7‐point grading system. Information, materials and announcements related to the course are available in SDU e-learning system (Blackboard). The following topics are covered in this course: Overview of Power Electronic Systems, Harmonics and Active Power Filters, Distributed Generation and Microgrid, Photovoltaic Systems and Wind Turbines.
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ECTS-point20 ECTS