Marketing is one of the key business administration courses, thus forming, together with the other key business administration courses, the core of the bachelor degree programme in Economics and Business Administration. In relation to the programme’s competence profile, the course has an explicit focus on developing student knowledge of theories and methods which can be applied to structure, describe, analyse and solve marketing-related issues in a company, as well as techniques for gathering qualitative and quantitative data which can be used to conduct market analyses and solve marketing-related issues. The course also develops skills enabling students to formulate and assess theoretical as well as practical marketing issues, formulate and substantiate solutions and communicate these to peers. The developed knowledge and skills are to enable students to handle and carry out activities related to the company’s marketing function. Hollensen, S. (latest edition). Marketing management: A relationship approach 3rd Ed: Pearson Education. Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill (latest edition), Research methods for business students. Prentice Hall
ECTS-point10 ECTS