KE542: Introduction to chemistry - research and application



The aim of the course is to give the student an identity-creating and retaining introduction to the chemistry study program and bridge the gap between the high school subject of chemistry and the university study of chemistry. The course will develop and strengthen the student’s study competencies by introduction to study strategies and active participation in academic learning activities.

This will be done by focusing on selected topics and cases within analytical chemistry, theoretical chemistry as well as organic and / or inorganic substance chemistry, which are treated in mini-projects in groups. The course hereby forms an academic basis for the further chemistry study.

The course builds on the competencies that the students have achieved in high school. At the same time, the course interacts with concurrent activities in the course KE501. Ultimately, the course provides inspiration and the academic foundation for studying chemistry in its broadness.

For this course, the student is associated with a study group, which is established with a study group contract.

In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to:

Give knowledge of the basic knowledge formation and experimental methods of chemistry, including the philosophy of chemistry
Give knowledge of current problems and the chemical methods that are applied for modeling and evaluating these problems
Give knowledge on selected current topics within modern chemistry research
Apply methods to investigate concrete chemical phenomena theoretically and / or experimentally
Participate in academic and interdisciplinary collaboration with a professional approach and in group-based project work
ECTS-point10 ECTS