K-PTE4: Analytical Chemistry and Applied Statistics



Analytical chemistry
- Understand the fundamental principles in relation to different analytical methods (spectroscopy, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, atomic absorption and other selected methods)
- Apply theoretical knowledge of analytical chemistry to solve relevant problems, including selection and optimization of analytical method in laboratory

- Understand and explain the most important statistical concepts and methods, including probability distributions, estimates and confidence limits, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and linear regression
- Select and apply suitable statistical methods to analyze experimental data from chemical and environmental issues
- Explain the principles for evaluation of analytical methods
- Apply relevant statistical methods to go through an evaluation of analytical methods
- Use PC-programmes to solve statistical exercises and data from experimental work

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
- Understand and explain the concepts of standardization, certification and accreditation, and the interaction between these
- Understand and explain the concept of GLP, and be able to apply relevant requirements and standards for GLP
Periode01/02/2009 → …
ECTS-point15 ECTS