How should one manage motivation, and is there a business opportunity for a start-up focused on expertise in motivation management?



The goal of the particular study is to assess the answers of two questions: How should one
manage motivation? and Is there a business opportunity for a start-up utilizing expertise in
motivation management? To answer the first question, a literature review will be conducted,
going through the state-of-the-art literature and theories on motivation and studies on
motivation management. The literature will be summarized and a conclusion will be drawn
on how motivation should be managed.
To answer the second question, a marketing strategy and a business case will be
developed. The marketing strategy will aim at suggesting how expertise in motivation
management should be commercialized . The marketing strategy will suggest how the
knowledge should be applied, who should be considered the target segment, how the
start-up should market themselves regarding competitors on the market, and suggest a
portfolio of services and products that should be offered. The business case will aim at
answering if there is reasonable ground for a start-up in motivation management . The
business case will answer whether the business is reasonable by analysing the markets, the
costs, and the risks associated. A business model will also be developed and analysed for
ECTS-point10 ECTS