Historisk Værksted/History Workshop



    History Workshop: Course Plan Time & Place: Thursdays 12-14 in U93 Format: Lectures, Discussions Course Weight: 5 ECTS (= approx. 140 hours of study, including exam work) Instructor: Nils Arne Sørensen – nils@ sdu.dk Readings: Ludmilla Jordanova, History in Practice, 2nd ed., London: Bloomsbury 2006 Michael Howard, The First World War, Oxford University Press 2007 (available as e-book at SDUB: http://site.ebrary.com.proxy1-bib.sdu.dk:2048/lib/sdub/docDetail.action?docID=10212041 ) Adrian Gregory, The Last Great War, Cambridge University Press 2008 History Workshop: The Great War in British History – A Reader Note: The book by Howard will not be discussed in class but is mandatory reading. Course Plan: Part One: History in Practice 5 September: Introduction Jordanova, Chapter 1 + Hynes, Introduction (A Gap in History) 12 September Jordanova, Chp. 2 + 3 19 September Jordanova, Chp. 4 26 September Jordanova, Chp. 5 + 6 3 October Jordanova, Chp. 7 + 8 Primary Sources: Frederic Manning, The Middle Pars of Fortune (1929), Penguin 1990 , pp. 1-10 British Recruitment Posters (1914ff) Part Two: The Histories of Britain’s First World War 10 October: A classic, “general” history of Britain in World War One A.J.P. Taylor, English History 1914-1945, Oxford University Press 1965, Penguin ed: 1970, pp. 25-61, 64-106, 109-157, 165-171. 24 October: The war as political history David Reynolds, Britannia Overruled. British Policy and World Power in the 20th Century, 2nd. Ed., London: Longman 2000, pp. 83-107 J. Paul Harris, “Great Britain”, in R.F. Hamilton & H.H. Herwig (eds.), The Origins of World War I, Cambridge University Press 2003, pp. 266-299 Student presentation of Harris 31 October: The war as (“structuralist”) social & economic history and as demographic history Peter Dewey: War and Progress. Britain 1914-1945, London: Longman 1997 , pp. 22-47 Jay Winter, The Great War and the British People, 2nd ed., Houndmills: Palgrave 2003, pp. 65-99 Student presentation of Winter 7 November: The war as military history: soldiers and generals A British War Trial (unpublished primary source, 3 pp.) Dan Todman, “The Donkeys”, The Great War: Myth and Memory, London: Continuum 2005, pp. 73-90, 244-247. Niall Ferguson, “The Death Instinct: The Pity of War, London: Penguin 1998, pp. 339-366 + 527-533 Alex Watson, “Self-Deception and Survival: Mental Coping Strategies on the Western Front, 1914-1918”, in Journal of Contemporary History, 41, 2006, pp. 247-268. Student presentations of Ferguson and of Watson 14 November (8-10 in U66): The war as women’s history Arthur Marwick, “New Women”, The Deluge. British Society and the First World War, London: Macmillan, 1965, pp. 127-162. Gail Braybon, “Women and the War”, from S. Constantine et al, The First World War in British History, London: Arnold 1995, pp. 141-167. Angela Woollacott: ‘Khaki Fever’ and its Control: Gender, Class, Age and Sexual Morality on the British Homefront in the First World War, Journal of Contemporary History, 29, 1994, 325-347 Student presentations of Braybon and of Woollacott 21 November: The war as public history: Remembering the War Nils Arne Sørensen, “Remembering the Great War”, in M. Børch (ed.), Narratives of Remembrance, Odense University Press 2001, pp. 37-61 Samuel Hynes, A War Imagined: The First World War and English Culture, New York: Atheneum 1991, pp. 423-469 Student presentation of Hynes 28 November: A new history of the war and British society? Adrian Gregory, The Last Great War, 2008 Student presentations of chp. 1, 2, 3. 4 and 6 5 December: A new history of the war and British society? Adrian Gregory, The last Great War, 2008 Conclusions
    ECTS-point5,0 ECTS