The course aims to provide the student with knowledge of concepts, theories and methods that can be used to describe and understand disruptive innovations and how they affect the organization's activities. These disruptions can have both a market and a technological character, and can have dramatic effects in the industries that are 'disrupted', for example through the emergence of new markets.

The aim is that the students gain an understanding of the importance of both the opportunities and the threats of various types of disruptions and the resulting organizational and managerial consequences. It is also the aim that the students acquire through the course skills and competencies that can contribute to better handling of change, uncertainty and un-analyzability in specific projects and in the company's activities in general.

A specific focus will be on the importance of data as a source of technological and market disruptions. Data can change both the framework conditions for organizations' activities and competition, as well as lead to the launch of new products and services in which data plays a crucial role. It can be both a tool in trying to develop disruptive innovation, and data can both support and obstruct attempts to address the threat of disruptive innovation.
ECTS-point5,0 ECTS