Cross-Cultural Management (X-CCM-U01)



Course is offered in the Spring and Fall for GMM 5 Bachelors students. Lessons = 48 hours

Teaching is in English and is a combination of class lectures, discussions and dialogue supplemented by exercises, group work and case studies.

Content - Key areas:
The course in Cross Cultural Management aims to equip students with understanding of cultural dimensions in the business context, dealing with the dilemmas that arise for managers in global company’s or members of an international team. It provides the students with insight in the ways management, organization and communication is influenced by cultural aspects. Through understanding the concept of culture, the students will look deeper into characteristics of the different world regions understanding how these will impact business environment.

Learning outcomes:
Determinants of culture
Dimensions of culture in business
Business cultures in Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Western World
Cultural dilemmas
Culture and management style
Culture in corporate structure, leadership, strategy and organisation
Cultural diversity in organisations
Business communication across cultures
Intercultural communication barriers and negotiation
International teams
Cultural differences and conflicts

Distinguish factors belonging to national culture and corporate culture
Identify most influential cultural factors in business cases
Describe national cultural identity of regions
Use Hofstede and Globe as framework of understanding organization and leadership in different cultures
Define an organisation through the cultural cluster in which it operates.
Distinguish essential differences and similarities between the different cultural clusters
Analyse business situations using different cultural dimension theories
Analyse the effect of cultural variables in business and management practises
Involve cultural aspects in relation to changes in organisations
Identify barriers and different perceptions within international communication

Be able to navigate in a global business environment being aware of cultural facets and aspects
Bring cultural aspects into considerations when communicating with people and organisations internationally.
Apply cross cultural knowledge into business solutions ,company projects and management of organization and people
Self-awareness of own cultural values /profile
Work in international teams bringing in awareness of cultural factors, diversity and potential conflicts
ECTS-point5,0 ECTS