Course: Strategic Communication in International Relations



Strategic communication has become a popular practice in international politics where diplomats and military staff alike increasingly incorporate communication tools as a deliberate part of their work. This course introduces students to central theoretical debates and practical approaches to strategic communication in international politics. Throughout the course, we develop a communication toolbox that will be applied to different relevant cases, e.g. NATO’s strategic use of communication in military conflicts, the EU’s Eastern enlargement and the Ukraine crisis, Danish nation branding, and the strategic use of disinformation in hybrid warfare by Russia.

The course introduces both theoretical elements from the field of Organizational Communication Studies and from International Relations. This gives the students the necessary knowledge of central concepts that help them analyze different aspects of communication in international politics. Furthermore, a practice-oriented approach will give the students insights into the actual work of military and diplomatic communication practitioners working with current European security dilemmas.
ECTS-point5,0 ECTS