Learning objectives - Knowledge
After attending this course the student will have knowledge about advanced engineering materials, advanced manufacturing process, and additive manufacturing. The aim is to enable the student to combine state-of-the-art knowledge within materials and process technology into various industrial applications. More explicit:

The range of advanced materials, their composition and application
Understanding the range and groups of advanced technologies and their complementarity
The range of 3D printing technologies
Learning objectives - Skills
After attending this course the students have skills to:

Understand the complexity in the field of multi materials (metal, ceramics and polymer and composites)
Analyze and select advanced manufacturing technologies with the respect of type of material being used for different site specific applications
Differentiate the range of Additive manufacturing technologies in respect to materials and manufacturing technology point of view
Can modify and reconfigure existing technological solutions
Learning objectives - Competences
The student is after the course able to:

Choose materials and manufacturing technologies to deliver the products as functionally satisfactory
Reason out decisions model for choosing appropriate materials in relevance with the manufacturing technology, and ultimately bring out the complete product with the required quality standards
Develop existing manufacturing setup and further make use of advanced materials and manufacturing technology in an operation management perspective
Decide on appropriate technology within the field of 3D printing, and configure the manufacturing setup corresponding
Combine and integrate various technologies and materials into manufacturing solutions in an operation management perspective
ECTS-point5,0 ECTS