Review of Montreal Chic

  • Katrina Sark


Periode14. jul. 2016




  • TitelChronicling Montreal’s Pioneering Fashion Scene
    Grad af anerkendelseInternational
    Mediets navn/udløbThe Cut
    BeskrivelseWhile it may be best known for producing Drake and Justin Bieber, Canada doesn’t only supply a sizeable chunk of the world’s musical entertainment. Montreal Chic: A Locational History of Montreal Fashion, out June 15 from Intellect Books, traces the history of the predominantly French-speaking city’s fashion scene, as well as its relationship to other facets of Montreal’s artistic and cultural life. Like Toronto, Montreal boasts a formative music scene — most notably, it’s the birthplace of the band Arcade Fire, one of whose founding members attended McGill University.

    But scholars Katrina Sark and Sara Danièle Bélanger-Michaud aren’t as interested in the music of Montreal as they are in the symbiotic relationship between the city’s fashion scene and its art and culture. Their book chronicles the way that urban cultural life influences fashion and vice versa, tying the development of Montreal’s fashion scene intimately with the city itself.
    Producer/forfatterDanielle Cohen
    PersonerKatrina Sark