ITI researchers publish in Nature and Nature Climate Change-Jingzheng Ren and Michael E. Goodsite publish two papers in top journal

  • Jingzheng Ren



Nature is known to be one of the most influential and prestigious journals in the world and it is therefore a great accomplishment that ITI is represented with two recent publications by Postdoc Jingzheng Ren and Professor Michael E. Goodsite et al. The publication Climate change: Climate justice more vital than democracy, Nature 526, by Jingzheng Ren, Michael E. Goodsite and Benjamin K. Sovacool, discusses whether decision-making based on social-justice principles could be more effective than democratic efforts against climate change. The political economy of climate adaptation, Nature Climate Change 5, by Benjamin K. Sovacool , Björn Ola Linnér and Michael E. Goodsite, discusses whether the initiatives to adapt to the effects of climate change are growing in number but may fail to achieve the desired outcomes unless critical competing interests are taken into account during the planning process. Jingzheng Ren’s other accomplishments will be discussed in an upcoming issue of Ny Viden.
Periode1. okt. 2015