Interview: Living history in the borderlands of Germany and Denmark: 1864



In this short video, Caroline Elisabeth Weber (M.A.) provides an account of the rich histories in the border area between Germany and Denmark that still impact people’s perceptions of their region today. For example, the Treaty of Vienna 1864 marked the end of the Second Schleswig War between Austria and Prussia, and Denmark. It was a critical juncture for Denmark; having lost Norway to Sweden in 1814, it now lost a third of its remaining territory. It was also important for the other Nordic countries when Denmark’s enemy number one arguably changed from Sweden to Germany thereafter. Caroline Weber is Scientific Associate in the Department of History at the University of Kiel and the chairperson of the German-Danish Association in Kiel (Deutsch-Dänische Gesellschaft e.V.), so can therefore offer a unique insight.

Periode15. jun. 2020