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  • TitelVinterbadning
    BeskrivelseCold water swimming for treatment of depression. A feasibility study
    In Denmark, about 14% of patients with depression developed treatment resistant depression (TRD) during the first year after first hospital contact.
    TRD has explanations, as the patients do now want to be treated with medication because the side effects are serious and non-acceptable. Furthermore, several patients do not respond adequately on any antidepressant drug prescribed.
    Cold water swimming (CWS) contains of taking a dip in cold, natural waters regularly throughout the winter season. Many winter swimmers believe that exposure to ice-cold water is beneficial to their health. The evidence for health effects has been anecdotal, or from studies based on small samples. The availably studies reported that winter swimming abolishes general tiredness, improves mood, and boosts self-esteem and improvement of general well-being.
    To test if it is possible for patients to participate in two weekly sessions with CWS and to measure the general well-being and depression of the participating patients.
    All patients with a diagnose of depression at one psychiatric hospital and at three outpatients’ clinics connected the hospital are eligible for inclusion.
    Every CWS-session contains of a dip and if desired a short swim of one or few minutes according to the individual patients’ preferences. The CWS sessions will take place at the local fjord at a recreational area with sauna and changing facilities available.
    The study starts October 2021 and we have results by April 2022.

    Research group: Melina Gade Sikjær, Læge, ph.d.- studerende, Medicinsk Afdeling, Vejle Sygehus. Anders Løkke Ottesen, Overlæge Ph.d., Department of Medicine, Vejle, Hospital Little Belt. Mikkel Rune Vossen Rasmussen, Ledende overlæge, Psykiatrisk Afdeling Vejle. Nina Jørgensen, RN. Anne Marie Jørgensen, RN. Peter Hjorth, RM, MPH, PhD, Associate professor.
    PersonerPeter Hjorth


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