Women Network on the Responsibility to Protect, Peace and Security (Ekstern organisation)

de Franco, C. (Medlem)

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The purpose of this British Academy award to create an international women network and organise an international conference was two-fold: first, this is meant to highlight the excellent work and impact of established academics and researchers, experienced diplomats, United Nations and European Union officials, seasoned policy-makers and practitioners, civil society and charity directors – all women – in the international peace, security and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) fields; and second, to bring these experts together with female Early Career Researchers, so that the latter find inspiration in the former’s research and work and learn about ways to generate impact in order to make their research relevant to the real world and to decision-makers facing hard choices in implementing the atrocity prevention, protection, R2P, and WPS inter-related agendas.

The topics covered include:
The Global State of R2P, Peace and Security Research, from the Perspectives of Women Academics and Practitioners
Researching Women, Peace and Security
Assessing the Importance of an Atrocity Prevention Focus
Regional Contexts of Violence and Protection, including perspectives regarding Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America
Assessing Protection Responsibilities in the European context
International Law, Human Rights, and the United Nations
Insights on Bridging the Gaps: From Academics to Policy-Makers, from Research to Impact
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Sted for afholdelseWomen Network on the Responsibility to Protect, Peace and Security, Storbritannien