Willing to go the extra mile: Understanding work engagement among expatriates

  • van Bakel, M. (Medforfatter)
  • Mette Strange Noesgaard (Medforfatter)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg


Work engagement has received increasing attention in both academia and among practitioners, as it has been associated with superior survival in the globalized competition where companies to an even higher extent rely on employees to invest themselves in their work, perform their best and exhibit extraordinary effort in their work. Yet, although a large body of literature underlines the importance of engaged employees in general, limited research has explored how expatriates experience engagement. In this paper we explore this gap by examining work engagement among expatriates. The purpose of the study is to provide insight into the experience of work engagement among expatriates. Our study contributes to both the expatriate and engagement literature. First, our research will provide an interesting new angle on the expatriate experience, which may help the parent organisation to better manage the expatriate assignment, reduce expatriate failure, and increase expatriate retention. Second, our paper contributes to the literature on work engagement by documenting engagement in a new occupational work setting.
Periode23. apr. 202024. apr. 2020
Begivenhedstitel35th Workshop on Strategic Human Resource Management
PlaceringMinho, PortugalVis på kort