Webinar: Identity inquiry: beyond the usual suspects

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Identity research has witnessed extensive attention over the past two decades. While multiple explanations are offered for this interest, it is the conceptual insights that ‘identity’ can offer into the multi-level intra- and inter-personal dynamics of social settings that have brought its study to the fore.
With identity scholars drawn from diverse disciplines as well as across the breadth of organisation and management studies, multiple theoretical approaches to its study have emerged, including: discursive, dramaturgical, symbolic, socio-cognitive, psychoanalytic. These approaches represent distinct epistemological and ontological assumptions and offer differing interpretations as to what identity is, where it might be found and how it might be researched. However, despite the breadth of attention and focus on identity, the approaches employed in empirically examining diverse aspects of organisational life, tend to be limited. There is, Brown (2020) asserts, a need for new “methodological antidotes” to inspire more insightful studies of identities within organisations. This webinar provides an opportunity to examine some lesser-known inquiry methods as a means to help us start to thinking differently about, and to examine less-considered, aspects of organisations.
Periode25. jun. 2020
Grad af anerkendelseInternational