Using Embodied Methods in Designing STEM Learning Games

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In this workshop, we focus on using embodied methods in designing physical activity-based learning games in a STEM teaching approach. Research has documented that computational thinking increases executive functions. Furthermore, research has shown that executive functions such as attention, problem-solving, cognitive flexibility, and inhibition probably are enhanced, when physical activity is used in “moving with thought” approach. We thereby offer a workshop that couples these elements by using embodied creativity methods that promote the creation of movement-play learning games through STEM teaching. The workshop will guide you through different embodied methods coupled within the phases of a design thinking process. We will in this practice move you in and out of different mindsets using your own body of knowledge, as well as your teammates, for inspiration. Our interactive play and embodied activities will act both as a medium and as an end in itself in the design of learning games.
Workshop outcomes:
● Practical experience with Embodied Methods.
● You will have created your own learning game in small teams in a self-chosen context.
● You will share your experience from building your learning game with other participants.
● One (or more) learning games to bring home.
● Networking on another level.
The workshop aims at participants who seek an understanding of the body as a creative source in itself.
Periode22. sep. 2021
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