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  • Ulv Lenskjold, T. (Redaktør)

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    Anthology entitled: Green Design Culture: Perspectives on Sustainability

    In 2015 University Press of Southern Denmark published “Designkulturanalyser” [Design Culture Analysis]. The book addressed design as a complex cultural phenomenon, which takes place in a widespread network of designers, producers, media and consumers. “Green Design Culture: Perspectives on Sustainability” is planned as a sequel to this publication. As its forerunner, Green Design Culture: Perspectives on Sustainability” addresses design as an essential part of contemporary culture, but this time in relation to the highly topical theme of sustainability.
    Sustainability is an important agenda internationally and plays a pivotal role in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Within design, sustainability has been on the agenda since the 1970s with a particular focus on sustainable production. Since then, it has become increasingly apparent that the current model of eternal growth and ever-increasing consumption is untenable. We wish to chart and critically discus how discourses on sustainability intersects with contemporary design ideologies and patterns of consumption and to provide a contribution to the contemporary debate on sustainability founded in contemporary humanistic scholarship.
    The book is planned as an anthology with Danish and international contributors and presents approximately 12 chapters on design culture and sustainability. The volume will be divided in three main parts, which thematizes discourses, space and objects respectively. Together the 12 chapters represent historical, aesthetic and cultural perspectives on the complex challenges, which we face as a society and offers fresh perspectives on the pending green transformation.
    The editorial team are all employed at University of Southern Denmark, Department of Design and Communication as researchers and lecturers. The book will contain contributions from both leading researchers within the fields of Design Culture, design and sustainability as well as from younger, up-coming scholars. The book will be published in Danish and aims to be the preferred resource on design culture and sustainability for design students, students of Design Culture as well as in Danish high schools.
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