Two inquiry approaches to STEM: The role of mathematics

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Teaching STEM is often described as closely related to inquiry-based teaching. This paper describes two STEM projects that tested two approaches to inquiry-based teaching in two 7th-grade classes. One project focused on the 5E model and the other project focused on study and research paths, an inquiry approach developed in the paradigm of questioning the world. In the analysis, classroom observations were transformed into question-and-answer diagrams and combined with a praxeological analysis, which formed the basis for the interpretations. The results showed that students alternate between making inquiry and studying mathematics in two very different ways. However, both projects had challenges in respectively creating coherence between the mathematical studies and inquiry and in making the students perform an in-depth mathematical study.
Periode11. jul. 2023
Begivenhedstitel13th Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education
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