Truly Human?

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Fra seminarets hjemmeside:

The recent technological developments concerning artificial intelligence, human enhancement, advanced robotics and machine learning are challenging what qualifies as being truly human. Not only are machines outsmarting humans in rational decision-making, they are also entering domains normally associated with unique human capacities. These are capacities such as establishing relationships based on love and care or artistic creativity. The question, however, is whether such capacities are fundamentally beyond the grasp of artificial systems or whether we might as well get used to the ideas of care robots, sex robots, robotic composers etc. Another question is whether humans could or should enter a technological arms race by upgrading their “natural” capabilities to a point where they effectively transcend humanity as we (think) we know it. This seminar will explore how we could or should envision a future with relationships between humans, posthumans, and artificial systems with human or quasi-human traits and behaviors.

Professor Robert Sparrow from Monash University, Australia, Professor Nicholas Agar from Victoria University of Wellington, graduate scholar Jonathan Pengelly, also from Victoria University, and professor MSO Mads Rosendahl Thomsen from Aarhus University will each give a talk at the seminar.
Periode26. okt. 2018
PlaceringAarhus, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Posthumanism
  • transhumanism
  • humanism
  • aesthetic philosophy