To be and not to be: Reflectiones of the comic character

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To be and Not to Be: reflections on the comic character
What makes a person funny? Why do we laugh while hearing a joke, watching
a comedy (on screen, on stage or simply by reading it)? I will look at the
cognitive faculty of the human species, and following recent psychological
and linguistic research I argue that the current theories of incongruity
may not only explain how jokes are created and understood, but also explain why we laugh at comic worlds and characters.
However, since laughter and humour has had a hard time among different
authorial environments the last couple of millennia, I believe that the
emotion elicited by engaging in non-serious incongruity is discernable in nearly
all humourous art: Be it joking, pictorial or every day conversional humour.
Through examples ranging from Aristophanes to Monty Python I will show how
this emotion is not only the basis of much humour in Old Comedy, new Comedy and
beyond, but also that this emotion is fundamentally popular comedy:
Without it, there would not be anything to laugh at.
Periode30. aug. 2013
Begivenhedstitelpopular comedy conference
PlaceringGlasgow, Storbritannien


  • komedie
  • humor
  • latter
  • fænomenologi
  • Aristofanes
  • Moliere