• The "4th Industrial Revolution" in fact a More Radical "BINC Revolution"?

  • Steen Rasmussen (Keynote speaker)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg


Description: Global trade is under attack and making headlines. But what about the tech disruption wave coming? What should manufacturers, biotech firms, ICT companies, governments, the workforce and citizens be thinking now about the disruptive convergence of bio-, info-, nano-, cogno- (BINC) technologies? Participants will learn about the latest BINC pilots well-underway and some practical indicator tools that may help companies, governments and individuals adapt to the possibilities and challenges of a BINC era. New green tech applications, drones & self-driving cars; “democratic IT infrastructure”; basic income/welfare engineering; new human intelligence education (vs. artificial), and emerging biotech pilots, artificial, and emerging biotech pilots will be discussed.
Periode14. dec. 2016
Begivenhedstitel• The "4th Industrial Revolution" in fact a More Radical "BINC Revolution"? : American Chamber of Commerce of China: Panel discussion with the E.U. Commission’s science advisor and distinguished guests
PlaceringBeijing, KinaVis på kort