"Teaching practices in a global learning environment" : a CGHE Book Symposium

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Teaching practices in a global learning environment Description Teaching practices can mean two things: 1) the pedagogic strategies that lecturers use to disseminate scientific knowledge; and 2) a ‘teaching of practices’, which is best described as a socialisation process that enables students to internalise the skills they need to succeed in a new academic, institutional and disciplinary culture.

Hanne Tange’s (https://vbn.aau.dk/da/persons/130004) book Teaching practices in a global learning environment works with both understandings, using the concrete practices of programme design, academic literacy, course syllabi and multicultural teams to explore how academic staff experience and shape the transformation that is ‘international HE’.
The analysis of global HE is grounded in the actual experiences narrated by 68 international educators. The voices of the teaching staff is placed at the centre of the argument, which yields a picture of heterogeneous practices rather than a standardised ‘how to do’ global HE. Qualitative data from Danish HE is compared to observations made in literature originating in other countries and regions, which leads to the suggestion that authors from dominant geographies such as United Kingdom, United States and Australia may have overlooked the impact of factors such as the global status of English and UK-US domination of scientific knowledge production. Following the example of Bourdieu, the micro-level practices that teachers perform in the classroom are understood as action influenced by developments at the macro-level. Hence, ‘internationalisation’ is read as a change in the way academics imagine education and research, which is demonstrated empirically with reference to four structural conditions: organisational culture, disciplinary orientation, academic mobility and English-medium publishing/teaching. In conclusion, the book brings together practices and structures in a global ‘practice-scape’, underlining connections between pedagogic action undertaken by individual teachers and conditions in other educational sites/policy levels.
Periode17. nov. 2020
PlaceringLondon, Storbritannien
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