Symposium on Democracy and Citizenship at Work: The Lagal Institutions of Workplace Representation and Conflict in Europe

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The enterprise is inherently an institution of power or, as put by Otto Kahn-Freund, an ‘absolute monarchy’, that can be democratised only if workers take part in the mechanisms and procedures for setting employment standards and taking decisions at workplace. The workplace level hence becomes the touchstone to evaluate the degree of democratisation ensured by the different models characterising the European scenario. The exercise of workers’ representation, also supported by the possible resort to collective actions, shall be observed from the workplace in first place, as to assess the enjoyment of democratic rights within an intrinsically non-democratic socio-economic entity such as the company.

EU law, in its more recent social dimension, recognises somehow the importance of cooperation between the employers and the employees and their organisations, in form or social dialogue. However, in the last decades - especially since austerity measures undertaken after the financial crisis of 2007-2008 - many national reforms of labour law and industrial relations have deeply disrupted the legal machinery of people’s voice in the company. Therefore, it seems important to dedicate a deep investigation on the reasons of these critical conditions through two interwoven key-concepts: democracy and citizenship at work.

Since the legal institutions connected to these two concepts are still rooted in domestic legislation, the symposium takes into consideration the EU legal system as well as the systems of the following representative countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden and the UK.
Periode6. maj 20197. maj 2019
PlaceringLund, Sverige
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


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