Students' benefit from video with interactive quizzes in a first-year calculus course

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The present study investigates learning benefits from non-interactive videos and from interactive videos (videos with quizzes) in an introductory calculus course. The videos were produced especially for this course as pen-casts. Also, interplay of videos in the course curriculum and other course activities is evaluated. The theoretical background is that multimodal learning resources helps students both in motivation and cognitive achievements. The videos are one of the learning resources for preparing the lessons (flipped classroom) and for simultaneous use during exercise classes. Students evaluate how they benefit from the different video types and the use videos together with other course activities. Students experience a significantly larger learning outcome from the videos with interaction and that they reflect the awareness of their learning progress as they watch the videos. The videos correspond with the overall course curriculum and are superior to other learning resources available. The students interact with the videos as expected. The use of videos stimulates high level of reflection on both knowledge, study-process, and own use of learning resources (learning strategy).
Periode6. mar. 20178. mar. 2017
Begivenhedstitel11th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
PlaceringValencia, Spanien