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  • Premilla D’Cruz (Redaktør)
  • Ernesto Noronha (Redaktør)
  • Elfi Ballien (Associeret redaktør)
  • Bevan Catley (Associeret redaktør)
  • Karen Harlos (Associeret redaktør)
  • Annie Høgh (Associeret redaktør)
  • Mikkelsen, E. G. (Associeret redaktør)

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Medredaktør på "Workplace Bullying. Pathways of Job-related Negative Behaviour", som er bind 2 ud af samlet 4 bind i Springer serien Handbooks of Workplace Bullying, Emotional Abuse and Harassment.

Workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment unfolds as a process, usually recursive and escalating, that involves multiple actors and stakeholders. Through Section 1 of this volume, the antecedents and effects of workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment are detailed. Apart from discussing individual and organizational causative factors and adverse outcomes for targets and organizations, this section presents issues pertaining to target coping and survival and power versus powerlessness as dialectic rather than sovereign. Emergent research examining the physiological impact on targets, the controversial interplay of personality and the striving towards well-being is showcased. Section 2 brings together chapters on the various key players in the workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment scenario. The focus here is on targets, provocative victims, bullies, bystanders, leaders and significant others as well as the range of interventionists (such as HR managers, therapists, organizational practitioners) who address situations of misbehaviour. The motives, experiences and outcomes of the former group and the roles, dilemmas and challenges of the latter group are elaborated.
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