Spatial Organization of Na+/K+-ATPase and Lipid Domains in Free-standing Membranes Captured on a Solid Support

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This meeting will focus on different aspects related to the biophysics of tuning protein functions through their assembly into biological or engineered surfaces. Particular aspects covered will include 1) the effect of the interaction with surfaces on the molecular structure of proteins and protein assemblies, with special interest in the modulation by surface-promoted orientation and two-dimensional accumulation of lipid-protein and protein-protein interactions; 2) the effect of two-dimensional organization and entropy loss on the modulation of protein function; and 3) the potential of introducing properly engineered surfaces to generate new or improved protein-based applications.

The program will include talks from the perspective of different systems and approaches reviewed by recognized biophysicists, with the goal of promoting fruitful discussions and future collaborations in the search of general principles of surface biophysics defining and exploiting protein structure and function.
Periode15. okt. 2015
BegivenhedstitelBiophysics of Proteins at Surfaces: Assembly, Activation, Signaling
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