Something is rotten in the brain of Denmark: The Pill, endocrine disruption and unhappy hormones

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragGæsteforelæsning, undervisning og kursusvirksomhed ved andre universiteter


The 60th anniversary of the release of the birth control pill was, in its Danish iteration, indeed not a particularly happy birthday. While The Pill did occasionally get to play its usual role as 'grand old lady' of women's emancipation and gender equality, (x-)Pill-users, scientists, and science journalists in 2020 came forth to trouble the naturalization and normalization of The Pill, particularly highlighting its, uncertain but certainly harmful, behavioral and neurological effects.The Pill, it was recurringly stated, is "fucking with women's brains". Meanwhile, birth control pill sales in Denmark are declining, while calls for new 'nonhormonal' contraceptive technologies are loudly voiced. Drawing on cultural studies and feminist STS approaches, at this seminar Anne Nørkjær Bang will explore how The Pill was imagined at its 60th anniversary in Danish mainstream media as a form of endocrine disrupting pollution and what role hormones played in these imaginaries.
Periode14. feb. 2024
Sted for afholdelseLund University, Sverige
Grad af anerkendelseLokal


  • P-piller
  • Hormonforstyrrende stoffer
  • miljøhumaniora
  • Science and Technology studies
  • feministiske kulturstudier
  • Samtidshistorie
  • Medier