"Satanic Verses, Muhammad Cartoons, and Clashes of Cultures.": "Possible Roles of Religious Studies and Religion Education."

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Writer Salman Rushdie’s (in-)famous novel, The Satanic Verses, and the Danish daily, Jyllandsposten’s, equally (in-famous) Muhammad cartoons, together with some of the Muslim reactions to the book and the cartoons are often seen as examples of and driving factors behind what today is often called clashes of civilisations or cultures. A part of the so-called clash being defined as a clash between a religious (especially Islamic) and a secular (or ‘Christian secular’) worldview or culture, as well as a clash between (the sanctity of) freedom of expression over against the sanctity of religion or religious ideas and figures.
In this lecture, historian of religion, Tim Jensen, describes and analyses some of the aspects of the Rushdie affair and the cartoon crisis, using the two as excellent examples of the need for and use of a strong academic secular study of religion as well as a public and secular school religion education.    
Periode26. maj 2009
Begivenhedstitel"Satanic Verses, Muhammad Cartoons, and Clashes of Cultures."
ArrangørSlovenian Central Cultural Institute
PlaceringLjubljana, Slovenien