Reforming a local school system And how to do research on the topic

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The aim of this paper is to discuss goal driven school management in implementation of the current reform of the Danish public school system though investigation of a specific case of implementation.

In this case, goal driven management tools are created and socially constructed in urban government, with the aim of regulating management and development of local schools. A concrete municipal concept of “The Progression Report” is described and discussed as an act of implementation and is analyzed through the lens of social constructionism.

Findings indicate that bipolar nature of the Danish educational legislation regarding Danish Public Schools can lead to over-interpretation in the process of reform implementation – an over-interpretation that leads to the innovation of new social technologies.

The case study draws on Accidental Ethnography as a research method allowing the practitioner-researcher to utilize prior fieldwork through systematic analysis.
Periode19. apr. 201820. apr. 2018
BegivenhedstitelAn international Social Constructionist conference on the Faroe Islands
Communication, collaboration and relationships:

: Constructive innovations in public and private organizations
PlaceringThorshavn, Færøerne


  • School reform