REF (Rivalries in European Football) (Ekstern organisation)

Joern, L. (Medlem)

Aktivitet: MedlemskabBestyrelsesarbejde i virksomhed, forening eller organisation


REF (Rivalries in European Football) is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research project, which main aim is to analyse and compare social, political and cultural backgrounds of various rivalries between the football clubs in Europe, and more specifically in all 53 national football associations under UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). The research will consist in an analysis of the following backgrounds: social (determined by the social status, gender), political (determined by the professed political ideology, political and party affinities, attitude towards the state and authorities) and ethnic (determined by religion, skin colour, language, national and ethnic identity).
Periode1. mar. 201330. sep. 2016
Sted for afholdelseREF (Rivalries in European Football)
Grad af anerkendelseInternational