Portraying people – how can we create innovative learning material in healthcare education that allows us to see and meet the person behind the patient?

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Seeing and meeting the patients as a person is described as “whole-person care” and the new paradigm for the 21st Century. At the same time, this approach accommodates a healthcare system that supports person-centred communication. However, research shows that patients and relatives often experience being overlooked and treated in a depersonalizing way and that the healthcare professional’s barriers to meeting and seeing patients as whole persons may be associated with their own emotions and vulnerabilities. Accordingly, it becomes crucial to collaborate on and engage in how we challenge our ways of viewing patients and using our own emotions and vulnerabilities as an important part of our expertise and professionalism.

In the first phase of this research project, nine portraits of people who are also heart patients are created based on visits to their homes. The portraits are unfolding their everyday lives; what is experienced as meaningful and of value for them along with their hopes and dreams. The portraits are made using more creative ways such as photo collections, video material or drawings visualizing important aspects for the individual. Based on these portraits and the insights gained from the subsequent process of completion new innovative learning material is developed.

We would like to discuss how new innovative communicative learning material can be developed and incorporated into existing curriculums to support and further develop healthcare professionals understanding of and knowledge on whole-person care and person-centred communication. Moreover, we hope to engage in discussions on what is needed to create learning material that can support healthcare professionals to embrace emotions and vulnerabilities that are at stake in their communicative encounters with patients.
Consequently, we hope that new insights emerge that goes beyond traditional understandings of communicative learning material.
Periode8. sep. 2022
Sted for afholdelseICCH, Storbritannien
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