"Plasmon-Induced Hot Carrier Generation and Applications" by Peter Nordlander

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i faglig begivenhedOrganisering af eller deltagelse i workshop, kursus, seminar eller lignende


Plasmons can serve as efficient generators of hot electrons and holes that can be exploited in light harvesting applications. The physical mechanism for plasmon-induced hot carrier generation is plasmon decay. Plasmons can decay either radiatively or non-radiatively with a branching ratio that can be controlled by tuning the radiance of the plasmon mode. Non-radiative plasmon decay is a quantum mechanical process in which one plasmon quantum is transferred to the conduction electrons of the nanostructure by creating an electron-hole pair, i.e., excitation of an electron below the Fermi level of the metal into a state above the Fermi level but below the vacuum level. I will discuss the time-dependent relaxation of plasmon-induced hot carriers including electron-electron scattering, fluorescence, and electron-phonon coupling. I will also discuss recent applications of plasmon-induced hot carrier generation such as photocatalysis, and how photocatalytic efficiencies can be enhanced, quantified, and optimized by placing catalytic reactors in the nearfield of a plasmonic antenna in Antenna/Reactor geometries.
Periode10. okt. 2018
PlaceringOdense, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseNational