PhD course: PhD Course: Narrative research. A turn, a method, a paradigm? Combined PhD course and conference participation.

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This PhD course introduces concepts pertaining to narrative inquiry. We connect the ongoing wave of narrative inquiry, especially in organization studies, to a metatheoretical perspective in trying to understand the relevance and reach of narrative research in the academic field. Before giving a general introduction to the notion of “narrative” and its many kin (counter-narrative, antenarrative, parallel narrative, discourse) we discuss narrative inquiry in its quality as a “turn”, a “method” or “toolset” and as a “paradigm” consisting of diverse strands.
This course is unique in its composition as it combines one workshop-day with one day (or more) of participation on the international conference ”Storytelling and sustainability” held by the Center for Narratological Studies (CNS) in collaboration with Aalborg University (AAU). This conference will host keynote speakers Michael Bamberg, Clark University, USA, David Boje, NSMU, USA, and AAU, DK, and Kenneth M. Jørgensen, AAU, DK, as well as unite several other experts in the field of recent narrative research. PhD students, on the workshop-day, will meet an overall discussion of narrative inquiry, and engage in discussion of their own work. Then they will have the opportunity to attend the keynote speeches on the conference held by three leading scholars in the broad field of narrative studies: David Boje and Michael Bamberg. Tangible tasks will be given to the PhD students and there will be ample opportunity for sparring with speakers and other scholarly participants present.
Together, the different modules of this course form a general introduction to narrative inquiry and how it can be applied in the social sciences and humanities. PhD students will gain insights into how a diversity of narratological concepts can be useful in approaching different subjects of study. They will also learn what methods and instruments (for data collection, analysis etc.) may possibly be applied and how to operationalize them.
The center for narratological studies acknowledges the importance of making conceptual insights publishable for PhD students. We therefore set aside time, throughout this course, to discuss possible publishing outlets, publishing strategies and submission routines.
Participants will be asked to send in a short outline of their PhD, and might be assigned tasks underway. We will distribute and announce the work via email list.
Periode26. maj 202027. maj 2020
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