Overshadowed yet key actors in multinational corporations: Host country nationals

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Expatriates have been playing a central role in International Business, at the neglect of host country nationals (HCNs), the local employees in multinational corporations’ (MNC) foreign subsidiaries. This panel shifts the attention from expatriates to HCNs who, despite being central actors in the MNC, are often treated as subordinated to expatriates in both research and practice.
The panel consists of two parts – a coordinated presentation by three panelists and an interactive discussion with the symposium participants. The panel will outline the historical development of research on HCNs and raise research questions based on the current state of research with regard to HCNs as knowledge agents, the interactions between expatriates and HCNs, and the broader implications of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as recent economic-political turmoil due to the Russian invasion in the Ukraine for the distribution of labor between expatriates and HCNs.

The panel is relevant as it addresses issues related to the majority of MNC employees (HCNs constitute more than 80% of the MNC workforce globally) in a context determined by increasing barriers to global mobility, making HCNs even more vital for MNCs’ operations and success.
Periode7. feb. 20249. feb. 2024
BegivenhedstitelAustralia and New Zealand International Business Academy conference
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