OPPONENT in PhD defense at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University (Ekstern organisation)

Bouchet, D. (Censor)

Aktivitet: Censoraktivitet og eksamineringEkstern censoraktivitet


Andrea Lucarelli´s PhD thesis is about: "The Political Dimension of Place Branding": "Studies of place branding processes in the region of Romagna and in the Greater Stockholm Area, has resulted in a conceptual framework of the political aspects of place branding. The studies show that place branding is connected to: the unfolding of a bio-political ecology around place-branding practices; the ideological appropriation of place-branding processes; the positioning though politicized actions between the interest groups; and finally place-branding as a process of policy-intervention."

OPPONENT in Andrea Lucarelli´s PhD defense, Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University: "The Political Dimension of Place Branding"
Periode5. feb. 2016
Grad af anerkendelseInternational