On the centrality of "being truly F" for an account of religious language

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Marie McGinn and Peter Hacker have followed Wittgenstein in rejecting the notion of (a) "true F". Wittgensteinoriginally commented on such a notion in connection with language about colours (pure white). Firstly, I argue that Hacker and McGinn neglect other parts of Wittgenstein's writings, that provide a more balanced picture of our linguistic practice. Secondly, and more importantly, I show how allowing this notion helps throws light on a significant linguistic phenomenon in the New Testament. I conclude by showing how insisting on "true F" (where "F" can be taken as "kingship") has consequences for the question of the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.  

Periode27. feb. 2009
BegivenhedstitelDansk Filosofisk Selskabs Årsmøde 2009
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