NordMedia 2021

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    Temporary Working Group: Media, Communication and Health

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused rapid changes to the healthcare system, wherein digital health solutions have become more relevant than ever. The focus of this TWG is on health practices in the dynamic media landscape.

    Research into health, communication and media has grown to incorporate a range of subfields. It draws together researchers from media studies, sociology, medicine, psychology, cultural- and communication studies and anthropology. Hence studies on media, communication and health represent diversity in theoretical perspectives, methods and approaches. Under the headline of Media, Communication and Health this TWG asks how media technologies and the uses hereof are affecting and changing, both positively and negatively, culturally constructed perceptions of and communication about health and illness patient- and doctor roles- and practices as well as the healthcare system. The health communication theme in this TWG hast two tentative orientations: (i) The relationship between news media (cf. public service or private stakeholders), professionals (i e public servants or journalists) and media users. Macro- and meso-theoretical studies of societal/community information such as campaigns about communicable (infectious diseases or transmissible diseases) as well as non-communicable (non-contagious or non-infectious diseases, lifestyle, welfare) health issues (cf. WHO) from, e.g. biopolitical or other critical perspectives is one orientation. The other orientation is (ii) the relationship between media technology (platforms, social media, etc.), professionals (healthcare providers) and patients. It comprises studies of communicable/ non-communicable health issues and various ethical ditto in clinical or home situations from interpersonal theoretical approaches.

    This TWG encourages empirical analyses into a broad range of health, communication and media-related topics. We invite scholars from within and beyond the Nordic countries to participate in academic discussions deriving from all corners of the field of media, communication and health: From the representation and presence of health in news media, popular culture and on the internet to the role of (digital) media in relation to different health perceptions and practices (both lay and professional) and a variety of contexts, institutional as well as every day.
    Periode18. aug. 202120. aug. 2021
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