Multispecies Contact Zones: Consumption, Conservation, and Conflict

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Workshop organized by the “Who Owns Nature”-team from the University of Southern Denmark and the “Sustainable Naturecultures and Multispecies Future”-group from University of Lapland. This collaborative workshop explored the complex intersections between human societies and various species, addressing issues of consumption, conservation, and conflict. The gathering brought together researchers from different fields to engage in an inspiring day of knowledge exchange and method experiments.
Workshop objectives
- Examine the dynamics of multispecies contact zones, where humans and non-human species intersect.
- Investigate the implications of consumption patterns on ecosystems and biodiversity.
- Explore innovative approaches to data collection within the multispecies contact zones.
- Foster cross-disciplinary collaborations and knowledge exchange.
The workshop is organized within the framework of an ongoing collaboration between the two following groups:

Who Owns Nature [WON] is a research programme based at the University of Southern Denmark’s in the research unit Consumption, Culture & Commerce. WON’s ambition is to shed light on the socio-cultural and political complexities of reconfiguring human relations to nature in market societies. It does so among others through the study of seemingly harmonious but in fact conflict-filled contact zones between more-than-human beings, such as private gardens and national parks.

The research community Sustainable Naturecultures and Multispecies Future [SuMu] examines northern change and the interaction between northern areas, people and the environment. The research community brings together scientists from across Social Sciences disciplines, for example those interested in naturecultures, multispecies encounters, and natural resource politics in a time of planetary change (e.g. climate change, mass extinction of species).
Periode15. nov. 2023
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