Multimodality and the Analysis of Literature

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In Multimodal Discourse, Kress and Van Leeuwen (2001) present a view of communication that invites us to view all types of communication as involving more than one semiotic mode. Even printed verbal discourse is considered multimodal and ideally should be analysed accordingly. It is the aim of the present paper to pursue this line of thought by exploring the applicability of a multimodal framework in the analysis of literature.

With much of my previous research focusing on the potential of Halliday's Systemic Functional Linguistics in literary stylistics, it would seem a natural step to extend this work to encompass an SFL-based methodology for coping with multimodal discourse in literary texts that employ a variety of semiotic modes for their meaning-making. However, I shall also consider if and to what extent a multimodal methodology may contribute to the analysis of more conventional literary texts which less obviously invite such an approach.

Emneord: Multimodality, Stylisitcs, Jonathan Safran Foer
Periode17. jul. 2007
BegivenhedstitelThe 34th Systemic Functional Congress: Systemic Functional Linguistics in Use
Grad af anerkendelseInternational