Multimodal literacy practices in L1 - a Nordic perspective (Ekstern organisation)

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Research network funded by the Humanistic Faculty at University of Southern Denmark through the so-called HUM SEED grants. The network has received a HUM SEED grant (DKR 142.000) for conducting pilot studies and developing a research project focusing on L1 (that is, teaching Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Swedish/Finnish) in a comparative Nordich perspective. The network includes researchers from Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.
I am main applicant and Principal Investigator (PI) of the research network. The core Nordic group of researchers also include Øystein Gilje (University of Oslo), Christina Olin-Sheller (Karlstad University), and Anna Slotte (University of Helsinki). Further, in each national region we have appointed a reference group of researchers that will be included in the network. In total, we are 22 researchers involved in the project.
See attached document for further details.

Main applicant and PI.
Periodeaug. 2015aug. 2017
Sted for afholdelseMultimodal literacy practices in L1 - a Nordic perspective
Grad af anerkendelseInternational